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We would like to introduce JYOTI OVERSEAS an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, as a manufacturers and exporters of Brass Builders & Architectural Hardware.

JYOTI OVERSEAS is relatively a young company established in 1996 and is dedicated to quality workmanship,
As we all know that quality work is not an accident but it is the result of intelligent efforts, and the efforts are going on ever since the company came into existence for long lasting quality, services and just as important products priced well within each.

We believe in satisfying our customers with quality products and competitive prices. We forward our hands towards such quality conscious companies who care for our efficiencies. We have a team of both skilled & unskilled workers making Hardware by doing lots of hard work. (WE DO NOT KEEP CHILD LABOUR) and are keen of clean, green and healthy working conditions.

We have fully equipped workshop consisting of Power Press, Drill Machines, Lath Machine, Milling Machines, Grinders, Lancer Machines, Polish Machines, Vibrator, Ultrasonic Degreaser, Skin Packing Machine, Backing Oven, Compressor, Electro Phoratic Lacquer Coating Plant, Powder Coating Plant, Nickel & Chrome Plating Plant etc...

We are using the latest technology for polishing and finishing our products through vibratory debarring and finishing machine using Italian plastics & ceramics media and then each piece is hand polished for unmatched mirror like fine finish through hand polishing machine to maintain standard and uniform quality.

Above all we wash all the Brass products in Ultrasonic degreasing plant to remove dust particles from each piece before applying lacquer, and bake for a long lasting finish.

For long life & smooth finish of brass products we use:



Thus, our products are protected with high quality backed lacquer by Electrophoretic Process. This coating gives our product a superior resistance against tarnishing, scratches and a 100% longer Salt Spray Life when compared to a conventional coating. The result is a highly functional product with exceptional appearance.

Our handcrafted hardware is made to order, allowing us to customize orders. We take pride in letting customers get exactly what they want.

With a wide spectrum of richly detailed, designer finishes, Jyoti Overseas stands alone as the finish leader. All products are available in a variety of finishes and textures. Jyoti Overseas finishes are meticulously crafted of the finest materials. Coated with an ultra-hard lacquer, Jyoti Overseas finishes are durable and resistant to the effects of wear and tear. Product finishes which are hand relieved may vary in luster, hue and appearance as a result of handcrafted variances in the final finishing step. We provide different type of finishes which can be seen at our web site OR
If you require any product developed exclusively, not found in our selection, or if you want any product to be modified as per your specifications, we have a team of work force capable to fulfil your requirement.

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