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JO-GDH-110650 (Scallop Handle - Light Green)


JO-GDH-110726 (Scallop Handle - Smoke)


JO-GDH-111021 (Scallop Handle - Acqua)


JO-GDH-115980 (Handle With Brass Accents - Clear)


JO-GDH-117143 (Handle With Brass Accents - Deep Amber)


JO-CDH-432815 (Ceramic Handle with Brass Accents - Cream)


JO-CDH-450312 (Ceramic Handle with Brass Accents - Cream)


JO-CDH-744433 (Ceramic & Zinc Alloy Handle - White)


JO-CDH-744508 (Ceramic & Zinc Alloy Handle - Red)

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